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Power of Property Rights

Even though my kiddos are still young, I love finding quality resources on the internet to help supplement their education. Since this week’s theme is focusing on concepts around ownership and generosity, I found a short video explaining the theories behind property rights. The video explains their role in preventing conflicts, protecting freedom and promoting prosperity. […]

Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose

Dr. Seuss is timeless! I mean, what adult doesn’t smile while reading Green Eggs and Ham? While my crew loves Seuss classics like Hop on Pop and One Fish Two Fish, our all-time favorite is Thidwick the Big Hearted Moose. The story stars a content Moose named Thidwick, living on the shores of Lake Winna-Bango, whose […]

The Beauty of Genuine Giving

Last December, in an effort to purge our home of excess and teach my girls the value of giving to those in need, I called a nonprofit in our area that distributes clothes and toys to families in need and arranged for us to drop some things off. Then I sat my girls down on […]

Passing it On

We all remember it well – the moment that a child was born and entered into our lives – crying, hungry, and totally dependent on mom and dad for survival. The moment when you became a parent. Only minutes into the journey of parenting, we are offered a new perspective of what our own parents […]

Books to Build Character

I love books! Growing up I remember many nights sneaking a flashlight into bed and reading under my covers through the early morning hours.  Even though my kids are still young, we have already bought a ton of books that will withstand the test of time: Frank Braum’s Oz series, Little House on the Prairie […]

Why Free Markets? ~ A Mother’s Perspective

If you are part of my generation raised on 80’s movies, the idea of “free markets” and “capitalism” brings thoughts of Gordon Geco and his “greed is good” speech.  These topics are certainly not something your typical mother would care about, let alone start a blog about, right? On the contrary, I would propose that […]

Welcome to Free Market Mommy

All my desires and all my ambition is to be esteemed and loved by my partner, to join with him in the education and instruction of our little ones, to sit under our own vines in peace, liberty and safety. Abigail Adams, August 1776 This quote was from a letter penned by Abigail Adams to […]