Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose

Dr. Seuss is timeless! I mean, what adult doesn’t smile while reading Green Eggs and Ham? While my crew loves Seuss classics like Hop on Pop and One Fish Two Fish, our all-time favorite is Thidwick the Big Hearted Moose.

The story stars a content Moose named Thidwick, living on the shores of Lake Winna-Bango, whose life gets turned upside-down when he allows a guest to inhabit his antlers. Soon he not only has that initial guest but the rest of the forest taking residence in his oversized antlers. So what happens when their preferences trump Thidwick’s needs?

This story is fun to read and my kids love the illustrations. But more importantly, it presents important moral quandaries about freedom, true kindness, and property without being preachy.

I find that it helps my kids to process new ideas by asking questions. Of course, many times I have difficulty thinking of the right questions to ask to help reinforce concepts I want them to learn. So part of our Favorite Book series includes Socratic style questions to ask kids while reading.

Since Thidwick is appropriate for children of preschool through older elementary ages, we included a short list of questions for both age ranges. Take a look and let me know what other questions you suggest to help kids think through self-ownership as well as majority’s decision versus minority’s rights and property.



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