Character Builders – Printable Pack II

Whoa! We have been productive at Free Market Mommy and have another printable this week. Well, the truth is that this week’s theme of time management and getting kids to own their schedules has us motivated. Imagine a world where you never hear the complaint “I’m bored” or the question “What can I do now mom?” Maybe the word “bored” can never be fully eliminated from our kids’ vocabulary, but I am going to do everything in my power to reduce the number of times it is used!

So today’s printable is continuing the Character Builder series – with a focus on traits that promote diligence, time management and proactive scheduling. If you recall from our first printable in this series, these can be used in a variety of different ways.  At our home, we focus on one trait a week.  I print, laminate and post in an area where we frequent (for us that is the kitchen). While kids eat breakfast I introduce the character quality for the week and explain what it means along with the contrasting quality and provide real-life examples.

I then ask each child either what they will do this week to demonstrate the positive character trait or what they could start doing to put the character trait into action.  There is a blank area at the bottom of each sheet where I write their response.  This takes all of four or five minutes while we are eating and we continue the review during the week by checking in to see if they have either achieved some of the things they said they would do or find out if they have other ideas of how to put the traits into action.

So here are the traits we have included in this Character Builder pack:

Dependability vs. Inconsistency: Fulfilling what I consented to do even if it means unexpected sacrifice

Diligence vs. Slothfulness: Accepting each task as a special assignment and using all my energies to accomplish it

Initiative vs. Unresponsiveness: Recognizing and doing what needs to be done before I am asked to do it

Orderliness vs. Disorganization: Preparing myself and my surroundings so I will achieve the greatest efficiency

Punctuality vs. Tardiness: Showing high esteem for other people and their time

Self-Control vs. Self-indulgence: Ability to control emotions and desires especially in difficult situations

Please keep the suggestions coming. I would love to hear how you are putting these resources into action and also if there are other character traits you think we should include in future packs.

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