Archive | December, 2013

Simple Path to Happiness?

Most of us hope that our children will have a happy and fulfilling future. We do our best to give them a good education, instill strong values, and get them on a road that leads to a (hopefully) productive life. But what if there is a scientifically proven formula for happiness? Would it change how […]

FMM Top-Five Fave Gifts

Thanks to Amazon Prime we have over a week of online shopping days till Christmas.  So I thought now was as good of a time as any to share some of my favorite toys that can easily be purchased on Amazon.  Please note that I am NOT an Amazon affiliate so I don’t make anything […]

Little House in the Big Woods

If you meet me on the streets you will think I am a city girl. I love a pair of heels, freshly manicured toes and an occasional happy hour. But seriously…who has time for any of that when you have kids? My other side  is a homesteader begging to get out. I dream of backyard chickens, spinning […]