Financial Literacy for Kids

“If you need more money to buy the toy you can just stop by the bank.”

“But why is the dime worth more than the nickel since it is smaller?”

“I can help you buy that house with the money in my piggy bank”

…..all heard in my household over the past few weeks.

What is it about kids and money? They love collecting it. It is almost a hobby for them to pick up pennies and quarters found around the house and store their treasure in their piggy banks. Once they realize that they can trade in their collection for toys and candy, then the urgency to “get more money” can take on a fevered pace. And as they get older the allowance horse-trading becomes a regular occurrence in many households.

As a home educator to my two kiddos, I am always looking for good quality and fun teaching materials. Especially if the topic is about fundamental area such as financial literacy. I take for granted how difficult it is to begin understanding the concept of money and how to earn it.

As you can see from the quotes at the top of this blog, it seems that I am doing a subpar job in educating my kids about money. To be honest, I like their sweet innocence. They are quick to give their money away to help others, assuming they can easily get more and not fully realizing its purchase power.

But my kids are now starting to earn an allowance, so it is time I got them up-to-speed on money 101. After surveying what sort books and printables are available out in the internet universe, I decided to write a short curriculum about financial literacy. This is designed to introduce younger children (kindergarten to 3rd grade) to the basic concepts about money. In covers how to earn money, spend, save and give money away. It also addresses some basic economic concepts like opportunity costs and bartering so the kids better understand the purpose and value of money.

Of course no kid would want to just sit and read multiple pages about money, so we sprinkled some fun exercises throughout the ebook.

It is my hope you find this useful and provide lots of feedback on how we can improve the material and exercises. And hopefully my kids will begin to understand that money does not just magically come from the bank, you gotta earn it!

So check it out and give me as many suggestions as you can to make the ebook better!




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