What’s next after high school?

The idea of my kids in college sends cold shivers down my spine. Not because of the parties and being thousands of miles away from home. Well…maybe a little of that…I did go to Florida State University! Mostly because of the steep costs associated with higher education and worrying if I will ever be on track to saving enough to help them out.

It is every  parents dreams to send his or her child to college. In fact, once many people have children, starting that college fund becomes one of the primary savings goals. The reason for this is that traditionally, having a degree from a good university was a ticket to a secure and comfortable future.

But with the changes in the economy and record increases in college expenses, many parents and students are reexamining those previous assumptions. They are beginning to consider other options and ask important questions about what is within their budget and what type of schooling is needed to get them on the right path:

Will a traditional four-year university really equip me for the career I want?

If so, does it matter if it is public or private?

If not, what about other options like online universities or paid internships?

Are there free options like internet-based courses you can take to earn a certificate?

This is an exciting time in higher education. With advances in technology, new education options are available that many times are more directly applicable to a career path and better on the wallet.

We developed a short eBook to introduce parents – and more importantly their high school students – to different higher education options. One of the things that really excites me about this book is that there is an easy-to-follow exercise that will result in your kids developing realistic budgets for their first choice, second choice and alternative option schools.

Our hope is that this gives your kids better understanding about the costs and pay-off of school. That way they are more realistic about employment options and the actual value of that $200K paleontology degree from an Ivy League school.

Check it out and please give us feedback on how we can improve it! Was it useful? Did you kids do the exercise? Any interesting findings?

College Worksheet

Higher Education Options


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