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Rethinking our Birth Stories

C-Section or Natural – all deserve a “Job well done momma!” The average labor for a first time mother is 6.5 hours. The length of “hands-on” motherhood (birth till 18) is 157,248 hours. So why do many mothers allow their birthing experience to define their mothering journey? From a time perspective, the birth compared to […]

Doing Hard Things: Seven easy steps I took to get my four year old to clean our bathrooms

For my day job, I get to work with a variety of different consultants and experts in policy and messaging. One of my favorites is a gentleman named Kevan Kjar. He is a businessman that focuses on helping organizations develop compelling stories. In addition to being a great guy, he has a simple but powerful […]

We are back…..

Life goes through ebbs and flows. Sometimes you can take all that is coming at you and still have margin for more; and other times you can barely balance the basic necessities of life so other responsibilities take a back seat. This summer was the latter. A busy work schedule combined with hubby’s new job […]