Doing Hard Things: Chore Shopping List

In a recent post, Doing Hard Things: Seven Easy Steps I Took to Get my Four Year Old to Clean our Bathrooms, I explained how I got my young kids to take on key chores around the house. It was a relatively pain-free transition but it did take several steps to accomplish. One of the most important steps is to make sure your the kids have the right tools. For us that meant kid friendly (and fun) cleaning products that were super easy to use.

Now I am usually too cheap to buy the pre-moistened cleaning wipes….I would rather use a bottle of vinegar water and an old towel. But for now I want to make sure the kids have the least number of steps to accomplish their jobs. We will slowly transition into less “fancy” and more environmentally friendly cleaning products. So here are my recommendations – please note that some of these products can be dangerous if children get them in their eyes or digest them so make substitutions as you see fit.

 Chore Shopping List:

For two kids plus plenty of refills I spent about $100 at a “big box” discount store.  This is what we paid our cleaning service each week – so yes I will consider this money well spent!

Make sure you take the kids shopping with you so they are part of the process. Get them excited and proud about their accomplishments.  You will know you are on the right track when you overhear them bragging to a friend how they are responsible for the laundry.

So what about your house?  What responsibilities are your kids taking over?  Any hints or tips you can share to make the transition easier?


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