316576_10150405183163623_1352097298_nAbout Free Market Mommy

You are not an ordinary mom. You are unique and know better than anyone else what is best for your kids and family. It does not matter if it is not popular or conforms to expected norms. In fact you shudder at living a conventional life.  You are a mom who is educated and savvy enough to make the right choices for your family’s quality of life.  You are a Free Market Mommy; part of a community of women blazing trails for their families. Join us as we explore new ways to raise courageous and entrepreneurial kids.

The heart of Free Market Mommy is to equip moms the lead the next generation. We believe that people thrive when their hard work and success are rewarded – and we want to instill those same values in our children. So we provide moms (and dads) the practical tools and resources to weave principles of entrepreneurship, personal responsibility and respect for others throughout their parenting journey. The goal is to educate families to raise children that not only understand these principles but display them in their character and the choices they make in life.

Free Market Mommy is a 501(c)(3) so all contributions are tax deductible. EIN 46-3062521
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About the Founder – Jennifer Butler

Like most new ideas, this project came out of a personal need. After having her first child, Jennifer Butler searched the internet for guidance on how instill certain values in her little one and guidance on making the hard choices to improve her family’s quality of life. She found that there are plenty of faith-focused and patriotic resources, but nothing addressed her specific needs. So with the help of some great friends, she started this blog.

Jennifer is married to Matt who is a country-boy living in the burbs of DC. They are parents to two highly-energetic kiddos. She is passionate about encouraging moms to be courageous and trust their instincts in how they raise their kids and care for their families. These values are reflected in her own family’s choices – homeschooling, homemade and dreaming about backyard chickens.

Jennifer is available to speak to your groups or at conferences. Please contact her at [email protected]

Guest Bloggers Wanted

Have an idea for a great post? Then send it to us. We are always looking for new voices and new mommies to join our community. Send you idea and sample writings to [email protected]