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Here today – Antique tomorrow

Anyone that has a toddler probably has witness them trying to switch TV or computer programs by swiping the screen. Because many of them know how iPads or iPhones work, their technology point of reference is based on touchscreens. Isn’t innovation amazing?!? Imagine what other new technologies will become commonplace within the next 5 – […]

The Strange Paradox of Mommy-Time

“Just relax honey, that _(insert random household chore)_ can wait till later.” Yeah….right…just relax… How do you do that? I love my husband. He is an amazing father, provider and friend. He is the person that does the grocery shopping in our house, takes out the garbage, helps fold the laundry and fixes broken things. […]

What’s next after high school?

The idea of my kids in college sends cold shivers down my spine. Not because of the parties and being thousands of miles away from home. Well…maybe a little of that…I did go to Florida State University! Mostly because of the steep costs associated with higher education and worrying if I will ever be on track […]

Journey of a Working-Homeschool-Mom

I never set out to be a homeschooler. In fact, I was really proud of our planned education track for my first born. She “won the lottery” and got spot in one of the “feeder” preschools for a very prominent DC-area private school. I was excited for her future knowing that she was on the […]


Free Mommy Market blogger Laura Thomas has a great feature blog up on entitled Nurturing Your Child’s Potential. Check it out for inspiration and encouragement in this long journey known as motherhood!

One Chicken – Seven Days

We have been focusing on New Year’s resolutions. Today we wrap up our week on simplicity and transition to getting your financial life in order. This post covers both areas perfectly and deliciously! What could be simpler and more budget-friendly than making one chicken last seven days? But before I launch into the how, I should […]