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Teaching Kids Time Management

One of the hardest things about Seth being in elementary school while his dad is back in college is that some of the time, their schedules don’t match. I  recently found myself bringing Seth to work with me four days in a row, and while my office is incredibly child-friendly, the open space setting and […]

When Character Happens

The definition of intentional is “done on purpose; deliberate.” Our intentional acts set the tone not only for our daily lives but also for our future. Perhaps you already think of yourself as a very intentional and purposeful person. You take out the trash every day, pack lunches for school, make sure bills are paid […]

Friday Rant – Politics at the Playground

There is one in every town. You know that playground; the one you step foot in and everything you have all of a sudden becomes communal property. Toys, bikes, strollers, wet-wipes, even snacks are expected to be passed around like the communion plate at Sunday service.  And don’t even think about countering this expectation – unless […]

The Beauty of Genuine Giving

Last December, in an effort to purge our home of excess and teach my girls the value of giving to those in need, I called a nonprofit in our area that distributes clothes and toys to families in need and arranged for us to drop some things off. Then I sat my girls down on […]

Passing it On

We all remember it well – the moment that a child was born and entered into our lives – crying, hungry, and totally dependent on mom and dad for survival. The moment when you became a parent. Only minutes into the journey of parenting, we are offered a new perspective of what our own parents […]