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Smart Investing for Smart Kids

One of the most memorable lessons from elementary school was when I learned about stocks and was given fake money to “invest” in my favorite companies. As a kid I wanted to buy the most “fun” stocks, thinking I was basically buying a piece of the company and would have access to whatever they made. […]

Little House in the Big Woods

If you meet me on the streets you will think I am a city girl. I love a pair of heels, freshly manicured toes and an occasional happy hour. But seriously…who has time for any of that when you have kids? My other side  is a homesteader begging to get out. I dream of backyard chickens, spinning […]

Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose

Dr. Seuss is timeless! I mean, what adult doesn’t smile while reading Green Eggs and Ham? While my crew loves Seuss classics like Hop on Pop and One Fish Two Fish, our all-time favorite is Thidwick the Big Hearted Moose. The story stars a content Moose named Thidwick, living on the shores of Lake Winna-Bango, whose […]

Books to Build Character

I love books! Growing up I remember many nights sneaking a flashlight into bed and reading under my covers through the early morning hours.  Even though my kids are still young, we have already bought a ton of books that will withstand the test of time: Frank Braum’s Oz series, Little House on the Prairie […]