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Doing Hard Things: Seven easy steps I took to get my four year old to clean our bathrooms

For my day job, I get to work with a variety of different consultants and experts in policy and messaging. One of my favorites is a gentleman named Kevan Kjar. He is a businessman that focuses on helping organizations develop compelling stories. In addition to being a great guy, he has a simple but powerful […]

What’s next after high school?

The idea of my kids in college sends cold shivers down my spine. Not because of the parties and being thousands of miles away from home. Well…maybe a little of that…I did go to Florida State University! Mostly because of the steep costs associated with higher education and worrying if I will ever be on track […]

2013 Memories and 2014 Dreams

Thought it would be fun to share some of the responses my kids gave in their “2013 Highs & Lows” and “Goals for 2014” About Me Name: Gideon Age: 3 Favorite Food: Waffles Favorite Activity: Burping and Coughing (yup…that is what he said. Such a boy…) Best Friend: Ches   2013 Highs & Lows What […]

Printable – "My Schedule" Worksheet

We have a printable that follows-up on Lori Sander’s blog from yesterday about getting kids to understand time management and own their schedule. Today’s printable is a one page worksheet kids can use to plan their day.  Print out multiple copies or just one and laminate it. Your kiddos can then fill in their plans […]