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Rethinking our Birth Stories

C-Section or Natural – all deserve a “Job well done momma!” The average labor for a first time mother is 6.5 hours. The length of “hands-on” motherhood (birth till 18) is 157,248 hours. So why do many mothers allow their birthing experience to define their mothering journey? From a time perspective, the birth compared to […]

Printable – "My Schedule" Worksheet

We have a printable that follows-up on Lori Sander’s blog from yesterday about getting kids to understand time management and own their schedule. Today’s printable is a one page worksheet kids can use to plan their day.  Print out multiple copies or just one and laminate it. Your kiddos can then fill in their plans […]

When Character Happens

The definition of intentional is “done on purpose; deliberate.” Our intentional acts set the tone not only for our daily lives but also for our future. Perhaps you already think of yourself as a very intentional and purposeful person. You take out the trash every day, pack lunches for school, make sure bills are paid […]

The Beauty of Genuine Giving

Last December, in an effort to purge our home of excess and teach my girls the value of giving to those in need, I called a nonprofit in our area that distributes clothes and toys to families in need and arranged for us to drop some things off. Then I sat my girls down on […]

Passing it On

We all remember it well – the moment that a child was born and entered into our lives – crying, hungry, and totally dependent on mom and dad for survival. The moment when you became a parent. Only minutes into the journey of parenting, we are offered a new perspective of what our own parents […]